Wednesday, December 2, 2009

More on hunters

Diana posted them on her Blog!! - insert giddy school girl scream here-
On Zelda- Not much to say, other than the fact that if you look close enough you can see Zeldas old hair, which I chopped off at the direction of the Author. The ax on the other hand, is a composite of Zhi( handle, blade ) and Kirin horn ( the body of the ax ) why there are red streaks in the Kirin horn we'll never know other than the fact that it looked more dramatic...
On Rosie- Why is she wearing a skirt and boots you may ask? Well this is before they actually do any hunting, so I figured I could get away with it, as for the boots, I just like boots and these ones are especially shiny so.... Well on the other foot the piano is awesome right? It is made of Zhi and Kirin horns, maybe a little Einhorn thrown In there, but those three would be the most easily accessible for the crafters for such a large project as a piano.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Rosamund Belanger

Rosamund belanger
Age 17
From Austria
Very good, very talented Pianist
Temerin Line- Fiercest Bloodthirsty Hunters

Zelda Deschamps

Zelda Deschamps

Age 17

Originally From Paris

Gorgeous Model

Hornafius Line- The Craftsmen (Zelda Rejects her lineage)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Zelda and Ilesha Inspire

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Comments and coming up nexts..

Some comments on the last few pictures....
YAY! Diana likes them! I'm so ecstatic that someone I'm not related to thinks they are good!!
On Dorcas: This is right after astrid first sees her. Yes that's Astrid in the mirror. I totally forgot that she was in a towel though. Woops!
On Astrid: This is right before Astrids first kill, a Reem. Oh the irony. If you've read the part with Cory and astrid in the chapter house making comments about first kills you'll get the irony of it all. He he.
On Cory: She is actually 15. And aiming at Bonegrinder the cute little Zhi in Phils picture.
On Phil: Bonegrinder is suppose to be white, but I don't like to color with white to much/ hadn't read the book in a while when coloring this one.
On future Hunters: Zelda should turn out looking similar to the picture I post next, except probably with an ax, got the picture from Diana as a guide. Ilesha my other favorite should look like the second picture, except drawing a long bow. I love the girls head pose though I think I'll use it, and she's the right age.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

This Blog has been interupted by...

A Kirin!!
Look in the background you may see something hilarious
Yes, Yes, that is sheep Blood

Dorcas Bourg

Dorcas Bourg
Age: 14
Bourg Line- ???
Other: Belgian By Birth, Spoiled Princess by trade, Innocent
Mousy Brown Shag

Cornelia Bartoli

Cornelia (Cory) Bartoli
Age: 16?
Leandrus Line- The Record Keepers
Other: Mother killed by a herd of Zhi

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Phillipa Llewelyn

Phillipa (Phil) Llewelyn
Age: 19
Llewelyn Line: Most Sucessful hunters
Other: Astrid's cousin, college on Volleyball scholarship

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Unicorn killers coming soon:
Cornelia Bartoli
Phillipa Llewelyn
Dorcas Bourg

They are done, just have to upload them may take forever though....

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Astrid Llewelyn

Astrid Llewelyn
Age: 16
Great Great Great Great (x10)
Grand daughter of Clothilde Llewlyn
Blonde Hair
Presumed Green eyes (Here they are Azure)
Llewlyn Line-
They were the most sucessful hunters
(Based on the Astrid on the Hardcover front)

Intro to these next couple Posts

So I decided since they are coming in at a slow rate, I'd upload them as it goes. Astrid since she's the main character, gets to go first. I've taken notes on each of the characters, and they will be shown below.

First is the picture with the edges cropped, it is higher quality, but the picture misses the edges
Second is the full image, the contrast may look a bit off
Last is the cropped picture of the drawing
All drawings drawn in pencil, inked, and colored with Roseart pencils (like it matters)
All drawings are original works By Emilja
These characters were created by Diana Peterfreund, August 2009

Click on the image for a super high quality version

Friday, October 23, 2009

New posts coming sooner!

So I just read RAMPANT by Diana Peterfreund and I suggest you read it too, unless you want to be gouged by a killer unicorn, from your lack of prior knowledge. But I am currently 30% through finishing the fan art for it, it is awesome so far. I will totally try to post it on here in the next couple weeks. Then I'm going to shoot her (Diana) an E-mail to check it out. It should be EPIC!!

Copy right stuffs

All Ideas for characters on this blog belong to their respective authors, unless that author is say ME. But anyways the percy Jackson girls totally belong to Rick Riordan and all his respective copyrigth peoples and stuff.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Percy Jackson girls- Annabeth Chase, Zoe Nightshade, Clarisse LaRue, Bianca DiAngelo, Rachel Dare, Sally Jackson, Thalia Grace, Silena Beauregard

Here we go.....Percy Jackson style

Here are the first pictures I am uploading.. Drawings I did of all the girls from Percy Jackson, By rick Riordan

Thursday, June 18, 2009


I created this site to showcase my art. I am a young artist and I strive for peer feedback and perfection. I care for comments, and I am always observing people in order to create a better sketch, most of these are fictional, some are not, some are things I am interested in, like characters from books or movies. But they are all drawings that I care about enough to draw. When I post a picture I will indicate whether it can be used for other purposes. Originals creations I will prefer to keep to my self.

Enjoy, if you notice something I can improve upon, feel free to tell me. I want to put these pictures on show, otherwise this site wouldn't be here.

Keep comments clean PLEASE


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