Wednesday, December 2, 2009

More on hunters

Diana posted them on her Blog!! - insert giddy school girl scream here-
On Zelda- Not much to say, other than the fact that if you look close enough you can see Zeldas old hair, which I chopped off at the direction of the Author. The ax on the other hand, is a composite of Zhi( handle, blade ) and Kirin horn ( the body of the ax ) why there are red streaks in the Kirin horn we'll never know other than the fact that it looked more dramatic...
On Rosie- Why is she wearing a skirt and boots you may ask? Well this is before they actually do any hunting, so I figured I could get away with it, as for the boots, I just like boots and these ones are especially shiny so.... Well on the other foot the piano is awesome right? It is made of Zhi and Kirin horns, maybe a little Einhorn thrown In there, but those three would be the most easily accessible for the crafters for such a large project as a piano.


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