Friday, November 27, 2009

Comments and coming up nexts..

Some comments on the last few pictures....
YAY! Diana likes them! I'm so ecstatic that someone I'm not related to thinks they are good!!
On Dorcas: This is right after astrid first sees her. Yes that's Astrid in the mirror. I totally forgot that she was in a towel though. Woops!
On Astrid: This is right before Astrids first kill, a Reem. Oh the irony. If you've read the part with Cory and astrid in the chapter house making comments about first kills you'll get the irony of it all. He he.
On Cory: She is actually 15. And aiming at Bonegrinder the cute little Zhi in Phils picture.
On Phil: Bonegrinder is suppose to be white, but I don't like to color with white to much/ hadn't read the book in a while when coloring this one.
On future Hunters: Zelda should turn out looking similar to the picture I post next, except probably with an ax, got the picture from Diana as a guide. Ilesha my other favorite should look like the second picture, except drawing a long bow. I love the girls head pose though I think I'll use it, and she's the right age.


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